Views on IOC - ICSD Meeting

Rebecca Adam

ICSD President

Dear all,

I also wanted to share with you about who were at the joint IOC and ICSD meeting yesterday.

Representing the IOC there were the following representatives:

  1. IOC Sports Director, Kit McConnell
  2. IOC Head of Winter Sports and International Federations, Irina Gladkikh
  3. IOC Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Paquerette Zappelli

On the ICSD side, there were the following representatives:

  1. ICSD Vice President-World Sports, Kang Chen
  2. ICSD CEO, Dmitry Rebrov
  3. ICSD Doping Control Officer, Artem Buerov
  4. ICSD Advisor, Daniel Felli; and 
  5. Myself as ICSD President. 

I have asked Kang and Dmitry to share their views of the meeting. I hope you enjoy hearing their insights. 


Kang Chen

ICSD Vice President-World Sports

Greetings all,

My name is Kang Chen and I am also the ICSD Vice President for World Sports.

You will have seen the ICSD President's video message about the meeting with the IOC.

The President led what was a very positive dialogue with the IOC. I also formed the impression that our IOC colleagues are keen and motivated to work with ICSD. It did seem that there was no wall between the IOC and the ICSD and that we were able to work through any difficult situations. 

This is a relationship that I believe is in the best interests of the ICSD and our deaf athletes. 

I also believe that this relationship will grow and become stronger with time. I am also feeling very positive about having the support of the IOC with delivering our Deaflympics and World Championships.  

I am looking forward to seeing ICSD and IOC work together today and in the future.


Dmitry Rebrov


Greetings all,

I also wanted to share my insights of the IOC and ICSD joint meeting yesterday and I will begin by taking a few steps back to when we were faced with a difficult situation. 

The impression I got from the IOC was that they were very keen to understand the situation and to have their questions answered and that they were satisfied with the answers we gave them. 

This was the culmination of a significant amount of contact and communication over the last few months. We all had our perspective on various topics and it was great to understand how each topic was understood and interpreted by each person in a supportive environment. 

The meeting was an opportunity for us to put names to people’s faces and the impression I got was that we were very well aligned to each other’s needs and expectations.  We were very transparent with each other. 

I am feeling very positive because it was clear that the IOC want to see ICSD become more successful and to move onwards and upwards. 

Rebecca Adam also took the opportunity to discuss the support we were seeking for our work with women, our athletes and our governance. I was very pleased about this and I also look forward to being part of the partnership with the IOC.