The ICSD President visits SportAccord Convention in Bangkok, Thailand

SportAccord is the world`s premier and most exclusive annual event "where sports meet" at the service of sport.

ICSD and more than hundred federations join this outstanding event in the Kingdom of Thailand which is focused on driving positive change internationally and dedicated to engaging and connecting rights holders, organizing committees, host cities, press and media, businesses and other organizations involved in the development of sport.

President Bach spoke at the opening ceremony and urged the federations to “embrace the digital age”. “We have to go to where the people are and people everywhere are living digital lives”, Bach said. It means that as a matter of priority we need to engage the young generations around the globe. We must ensure that the values of sport resonate with the next generation”.

The next day was the opening of the SportAccord exhibition and Dr. Rukhledev and his team started their work. Within five days they had ongoing meetings with the host cities and sport business leaders. Those meetings with ICSD included:

Holding of the Summer Deaflympics 2025 and World Deaf Youth Games 2013 have been subjects for substantive discussions.

The 2021 and 2025 Summer Deaflympics have been discussed in detail with the representatives of the cities of Jyvaskyla and Tampere of Finland; Welsh Government; Detroit Sports Commission; Sports Event Acquisition of Melbourne; Denmark; Los Angeles Sports Council; Singapore; Japan Sport Council; Catalan Olympic Committee; New Zealand; Malaysia Major Events; India and other major destinations.

Lt.Col.Ruj Saeng-udom, Deputy Governor for Professional Sports and Privileges of Thailand and Mr. Boonlert Khanapornworakarn, President of the Deaf Sports Assosiation of Thailand.

2019 and 2023 Winter Deaflympics have been discussed with Canada, Russia, Finland and Salt Lake City, USA.

Dr. Rukhledev also discussed the 1st Deaf Minigolf Championship in Portugal in May 2018 with Dr. Gerhard Zimmerman, President of Minigolfsport Federation

Dr. Rukhledev said it is a great honor to be amongst such an esteemed group of delegates as we all look to deepen our engagement with sponsors, right-holders, and the host cities”.