The Current Status of ICSD Reform Process

Dear ICSD Members,

The ICSD Reform Commission is pleased to announce the submission of the revised ICSD Constitution and Bylaws to the ICSD Secretariat on September 18, 2020.

We trust that ICSD has taken the correct step in sending our final version to the higher International Sport authorities for preliminary analysis and recommendations.  

The ICSD Reform Commission is committed to reducing and eliminating significant gap in ICSD’s governance, and we look forward to providing a solid and democratic structure into our Committee.

Yutaka Osugi, Chairperson of ICSD Reform Commission: “In the last 9 months, all resources of our Commission were focused on the preparation of an updated version of Constitution and Bylaws, which will help ICSD implementing good governance. I wish to express my sincere thanks to the members of the Reform Commission for their input into development of these fundamental documents."

We respectfully inform our members that the updated version of the Constitution and Bylaws along with the Ethics Code will be available shortly in the run-up of the forthcoming Extraordinary Congress.

Kind regards,

ICSD Secretariat