Tokyo 2025 - Accommodation Guide

Tokyo 2025 warmly welcomes all National Deaf Sports Federations (NDSFs) worldwide to the upcoming Summer Deaflympics from 15 November to 26 November 2025. Our meticulously prepared Accommodation Guide aims to simplify the reservation process for participants and attendees. It outlines accommodations conveniently located near event venues, allowing athletes to focus on their competitions.

The Accommodation Guide provides essential information for securing accommodations during the Summer Deaflympics, including reservation procedures and accommodation options. Reservations are open from 25 April 2024 to 30 September 2024, providing participants with ample time to plan their stay.

While the Accommodation Guide covers various services and operations, we understand that certain details may require clarification. Participants are encouraged to refer to the Accommodation Management System (AMARYS) for inquiries specifically related to accommodation and transportation. Inquiries will be accepted after 25 April 2024, when the reservation application starts. Please see page 3 of the Accommodation Guide for more information on the functions and other details of the Accommodation Management System.

We eagerly anticipate hosting a successful and memorable Summer Deaflympics.

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