Table Tennis

Dear Sportfriends,

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan last month triggered a 23-foot tsunami that battered Japan's coast killing thousands – an astonishing catastrophe that overshadows the daily life all over the world. Many of us have Japanese sportmates, friends and at this moment we have no information how did they pull through.

As ICSD Table Tennis Technical Director, I write since Japan won the right to host the 2012 World Deaf Table Tennis Championships and during my first inspection I found excellent environment for the championships event. This event is the first ever Deaf Sports event in Japan and this will be held in Tokyo from 27 April to 06 May 2012. I plan to have the next visit to Japan in May this year but actually the agenda might be changing, we wonder what impact this heavy blow may generate. We are keen to believe that daily life in Japan is back to move in a rut shortly and we won't be forced to look for another location.

The people in Japan, are strongly determined to stand together and overcome these multiple difficulties, and they continue to prepare for the 2012 World Deaf Table Tennis Championships, looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo, Japan. They believe that this championship by their international peers will be a hope and courage of Japan, currently in the midst of challenges.

Recently, the 2012 WDTTC Organizing Committee has sent out Preliminary Registration form to all Members and this form is due to me ( by 24 June 2011. Also, OC plan to create a new website around middle of April 2011.

This is to express my condolence for victims' relatives, the entire Japanese people. This is also to express my confidence in persistence and Japanese assiduity to rebuild the badly wounded areas of their beautiful Country and looking forward to positive news from now on.

ICSD Technical Director - Table Tennis

By Zsolt Nyiro