Swimming & Water Polo


Recent summer was busy, fast, and exciting for many swimmers, water polo players, and officials. 

World Records - ICSD recognized sixteen (16) new world records. Five (5) in long course (50m) and eleven (11) in short course (25m). Women were exceptionally active breaking fifteen (15) of these records.  Swimmers, congratulations!  I predict world, regional, and national records will continue to fall in the next three years, 2007-2009.

2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships – Last month, I traveled to Taipei and I was well received and hosted.  I had the opportunity to meet with many officials and to inspect the pool.  The organization and preparation of the committee is going well.  This competition and event will be rewarding and successful.  Please check the website, http://w2007.ncpes.edu.tw/index.htm  By now, countries should have received a formal invitation and program book.  If not, please contact Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf (CTSAD).  Preliminary entries are due 30 November 2006.

Water Polo

EDSO – Thank you Hungary for hosting the recent European Deaf Water Polo Championships.  Four countries participated.  The final games were thrilling and close. Ireland beat the Netherlands 10-9 for bronze and fourth place.  Hungary beat Germany 13-11 for the gold and silver medals. Congratulations to the Hungarian water polo team! 

World Deaf Water Polo Championships - ICSD is still looking for countries to bid and host the 2007/8 and 2011 competitions.  Please contact me for assistance or dialogue.

Future of sport – I am concerned with the decreasing number of countries supporting water polo programs.  There were only four teams in the recent Deaf European Water Polo tournament.  No countries came forward or express an interest to host the next World Championships.  Several countries that have a water polo program have not registered for the 2009 Summer Deaflympics.  I do not want to see a repeat of 1989 Christchurch Summer Deaflympics when the water polo competition was cancelled due to insufficient number of teams.  Please encourage your national sports association to; 1) develop, expand, and maintain water polo programs, 2) register a water polo team for the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics, and 3) bid for the next World Deaf Championships.

I look forward to the year of 2007.  Meeting and working with you.  Hosting, competing, and succeeding.  Salt Lake City Winter Deaflympics and Taipei Championships will come soon.  See you there!

Aquatically yours,

Reed Gershwind
ICSD Technical Director - Swimming & Water Polo

By Reed Gershwind