Summary of CISS Winter Sports Technical Directors Seminar

The CISS Technical Directors for Winter Sports convened in Sundsvall for 3 days from 22 to 24 February to meet with the 2003 Sundsvall Games Organizing Committee, to inspect the competition sites and to become more involved in the development and continuance of winter sports program.    

On the first day, the technical directors were taken on a site inspection tour of facilities as well as visiting the SCA paper mill, the Games' principal sponsor.  After lunch, a formal meeting took place with the Organizing Committee to discuss some issues that required immediate attention. At the conclusion of the meeting, the technical directors felt very assured of the success of the 2003 Winter Deaflympic Games.    

The following topics were discussed at the seminar, coordinated by Lennart Edwall and Donalda  Ammons.  Colin Macdonald and Tiffany Granfors were present to offer assistance whenever needed.

  • Changes in Technical Regulations for Winter Sports
  • Criteria Selection of Jury Committee Members
  • Creation of Universal Signs for Winter Sports
  • Uniform Format & Style of Entry Forms
  • Systematic Procedures for Protests
  • Identification of Equipment Needs by Technical Committee
  • Streamline Daily Results- Format & Style
  • Establishment of Protocol for Media
  • Final Draft of Practice & Competition Schedule
  • Physical Description of Competition Venues
  • Update on Technical Program of 2003 Deaflympic Games
  • New Ideas/Future Directions for Winter Sports

The seminar concluded on Sunday the 24th of February in the early afternoon.  In the evening, the 2003 Organizing Committee invited both CISS Executive Committee and Winter Sports Technical Directors for dinner at Hotel Sodra Berget.

By Secretariat