Statement from Mohammad Pargar, president of the APDSC

In the "Summer Deaf Games - We are together. Sport" (held in Russian Federation) closing ceremony I gave speech on behalf of the Iran delegation.

Contrary to rumours on social media, I spoke only on behalf of the Iranian delegation and not mentioned the invitation of the National Deaf Sports Federations (NDSF) representing Russia and Belorussia, to the APDSC (Asia-Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation).

On behalf of the APDSC, I reiterate that the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian deaf athletes from ICSD-sanctioned sporting events remains in force and that this decision is legally binding for the APDSC too.

I also confirm that if the national deaf sports federations representing Russian and Belarusian deaf athletes wish to apply to the APDSC, this will be possible only on the basis of international sport regulations and the ICSD (International Committee of Sports for the Deaf) and APDSC statutes, subject to the decision of the APDSC General Assembly.

Mohammad Pargar
President of the APDSC