I would like to introduce myself as the new Technical Director of Snowboard for the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf. I am very pleased to be challenged with this task to be working with the Winter Deaflympics. Above all I am very pleased to be working with the snowboard delegates of participating countries! I hope we will have good cooperation for a long time and I invite you for a Technical Meeting on 31 January 2007 at 16.30 o'clock (tentatively) held in the Idaho room at the Little America Hotel.  I was at Salt Lake City during the site visit  1 to to 4 March 2006. It was impressive! They are optimal and excellent for the all Snowboard-Contests.

I suggest that you check the homepage for more information. It shows the trainings and running of programs. 

Marco Galmarini
ICSD Technical Director - Snowboard

By Marco Galmarini