ISSF New Rules
ISSF New Rules

International Sporting Shooting Federation (ISSF) advised that there would be some new changes for the 2009 ISSF Rules. They are as follows below. I have deleted some rules which were for Shot Gun Events which are not relevant to the 2009 Summer Deaflympics Shooting Regulations.

Major Changes to the ISSF Rules for 2009 - 28 November 2008

The Technical Committee Informs on the Major changes to the ISSF Rules for 2009. All those items which are common in the four (4) discipline rules have been transferred to Section 6, General Technical Rules for all Shooting Disciplines.

1.21.2 Arabic has been added as one of the ISSF recognized languages. The maximum national team size for World Championships events has been increased by one in total for both Men and Women for both Rifle and Pistol. Substitutes abolished.

3.7 Competition Procedures, Preliminary Programme, Final Programme, Preliminary Entries, Final Entries, put into a simplified and more easily understood order.

4 ISSF Eligibility and Sponsorship Rules. There are major changes.

5 ISSF Anti Doping Regulations Expanded rules.

6.3.17 Indoor range lighting requirements (lux).
Increased light levels, particularly for the Finals Range and for new ranges, near to 1500 lux on the firing line, which is required by the media for the new high speed cameras.

6.5.2 Shooters and team officials must be informed of the shooting schedule not later than 12.00 on the day preceding the competition.

6.14 2009 ISSF Rules – New Classification Rules
The former "Count-back Rules" have been amended, and there will now be a Shoot-off for all events with Finals to decide which tied shooters may participate in the Finals.

Count Back Rules
Ties in Qualification (and Elimination) will now be broken (Rule 6.14.2):
1st by the total number of inner tens;
2nd by the highest score of the last ten shots series working backwards by 10 shot series in full ring scoring (not inner tens or decimals);
3rd by the number of tens, nines, etc, (in the whole score).

Shoot-offs for Finals
All those with equal scores tied for the last place(s) in Finals will now Shoot-off.
Therefore the Preliminary Results will be posted at the end of Qualification, ranked by inner tens, etc, showing this as example "587-56 x", but also indicating those eligible to participate in the Shoot-off to gain entry to the Finals.

The Shoot-off should be planned to take place 30 minutes after the end of Qualification.

Protest Time
The Protest time for Rifle and Pistol is now ten (10) minutes.

After the Shoot-off
The Qualification Results will then be published, showing the inner tens and the results of the Shoot-off. The expression "QS-off" will be shown against those who Shoot-off. [Any protests during the Shoot-off must be raised immediately]. Then the Finals Start List can be published.

After the Finals
The result of the Finals will be combined with the results from Qualification to give the Final Result. This will show the results with inner tens and also the result of any Shoot-offs. Shoot-offs from the Finals will be shown as "S-off".

Records and DSQ, DNF, and DNS etc will be in the Remarks column as before.

Protest Forms, Range Incident Report Forms, Score Notification Forms and Malfunction Score Computation Forms are included at the end of Section 6.

7 Rifle Rules (Prone) and (Kneeling) the following has been added. The right hand and/or arm may not touch the left arm, shooting jacket or sling. The reason for this addition is that although it was known that this was not permitted, it was not specifically mentioned. (Standing) The right hand may not touch the left hand or arm.

8 Pistol Rules The Ready Position. The former wording of the arm being motionless or stationary is impossible so this wording has been changed to "The arm must not be visibly moving".

The following documents will be available from the ISSF Headquarters as they are now separate:
Guidelines for Organization of ISSF World Cups
Checklists for Technical Delegates
Guidelines for Uniform Equipment Control (Pistol)
Guidelines for Uniform Equipment Control (Rifle)
Training Guidelines for ISSF Judges’ Courses

November 2008
ISSF Technical Committee

It would be imperative that all Shooting Competitors, Officials and Team Manager be fully aware of the changes of the ISSF 2009 Shooting Rules, as well as the existing Rules to be enforced as below, Clothing Regulations
It is the responsibility of the competitor to appear on the ranges dressed in a manner appropriate to a public event. This must be controlled by the Technical Committee. Clothing made of camouflage material is prohibited.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time regarding the new changes of ISSF Rules as per ISSF website -

ICSD Technical Director - Shooting

By Mac Adam