Report from Vice President - Youth Sports

Deaf Sports Reform Working Group
Left to Right: David Lanesman, Wayne Langbein, Craig Crowley, Jack Lamberton, Horst-Peter Scheffel, Siv Fosshaug, Brent Phillips, Tiffany Granfors, Reed Gershwind, Thomas Eller, Josef Willmerdinger
Summer holidays have ended and we are now back on regular routine.

In June 2010 Polska Federacja Sportu Niesłyszących (Poland Deaf Sports Federation) hosted the first U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships in the lovely city of Lublin.

We toss our hat to the wonderful hosts. Jürgen Endress, our TD in Basketball, also did his job in the most respectable way. He had already issued his report to all member countries who participated in this Championship.

In July 2010 there was a Deaf Sports Reform working group meeting in Munich, Germany. In Bratislava our member countries had approved this working group project. As the Vice President - World Youth Sports, I have delegated duties to my World Deaf Youth working group members, Siv Fosshaug, Horst Scheffel and Dmitri Rebrov (who could not attend for technical reason). They worked with admiration.
Our time table for the Youth Deaf working group is:

  • Gathering information from the various sources – August 2010 till February 2011
  • Rough outline – done
  • Business plan for 4 years – 2010-2013 with aims of goal
  • First phase – done
  • Plan for programme – October 2010
  • Plan for new survey in cooperation with Deaflympics and World Sports – August – December 2010
  • Plan for giving information during the 17th Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia
  • Working group report to Board – December 2010

We work together with 3 working groups: Deaflympics, World Deaf Sports, World Youth Deaf Sports.

From there we have delivered our request to all of member countries to offer their wish to host the Youth World Deaf Championships. ICSD office have emailed to all Members in September 2010 the confirmed additional Youth (U19) World Championships events. See Calendar of Events for details. We do hope you will be able to offer your wish to host.

ICSD Vice President - World Youth Sports

By David Lanesman