Report from Vice President - World Sports

Dear sports friends

The cancellation of the 17th Winter Deaflympics 2011 in Slovakia is the greatest disappointment in the history of our Deaf Sport. We cannot believe that this situation is real and we don’t want to let that happen again. Personally, I am very shocked. It breaks my heart because I know the great feeling to take part in the Deaflympics. It is the highest and the most beautiful dream come true for every deaf athlete, to be part of the Deaflympics. I have participated in the Deaflympics myself. Simply unforgettable! Please believe, the ICSD Board is also so much disappointed and appalled about the cancellation of the 17th Winter Deaflympics. I just want to share with you my feelings and thoughts about this loss.

Surely, there is so much information of all sorts from the outside, referring to the 17th Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia. There is much said about what we should have done and what we should not have done. As referred to in the President's message, an investigation with independent help will ensure the current problems with the Deaflympics are not repeated.

But... I can assure you this experience will definitely help us concentrate better on the upcoming Deaflympics. We have to be more involved and share the responsibility. And you can be assured that so far, there are no major problems for the World Championship events in 2011.

ICSD Volleyball Technical Director for the term of 2011 – 2013 wanted
Unfortunately the position for the ICSD Technical Director for Volleyball is still vacant. There was one applicant but this applicant did not have the conditions we need. So I invite more individuals who are interested in this job to apply. I would be very happy if someone would be very willing to cooperate as ICSD Volleyball Technical Director. Please read the information on the job description provided by the ICSD Office ( if you are interested. Thank you.

Technical Director for Handball and Water Polo
As you know, the following sports, handball and water polo are no longer part of the Summer Deaflympics programme since Taipei/ Chinese Taipei 2009.

ICSD still needs a Technical Director for those two sports for ICSD’s World Championships. If anyone is interested, please give notice of your interest to the ICSD Office (

Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF)
We want to inform you once again, to avoid any misunderstandings, the Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF) as an Associate Member is still suspended until they are able to work out with ICSD for resolutions to regain membership status. DIBF must be in compliance with ICSD. Hence, ICSD regrets to affirm that DIBF organization is still suspended until further notice.

ICSD Vice President - World Sports

By Josef Willmerdinger