Report from Vice President

Dear Friend of Deaf Sports

The 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics are now less than 4 months away! Are you ready? We do hope you are ready by now; selections of sportspersons, clothing, tickets, visa applications, hotel accommodation reservations, etc. all are ready more or less. We are trying to see a new record in the numbers of countries coming to Taipei. We finally have more than 100 member countries at last! We thank and welcome new members as provisional members until it is formally approved at the upcoming ICSD Congress.

More importantly, you should remember to pay off all debts to ICSD before you are allowed to participate. It would be better if you wire payment to ICSD immediately before we allow you to participate. It will reduce ICSD's workload in checking to see if debts have been paid in Taipei. Please check with the ICSD office for more information on outstanding debts.

As in my last report regarding to the Athletes Commission I would like to remind you to consider to send candidates to our Athletes commission.  It is very important for ICSD to have this commission. ICSD needs to know and understand athletes' perspectives. This would allow us to make great strides by making positive changes and ensuring better prestige and motivation.

For the next Deaflympics in 2013 in Athens and beyond, with more than 100 member countries, we shall see more sportspersons compete. It will mean we need to have qualifying rounds. Most of the new members are from Pan-Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa. They may have to play in the Deaflympics qualifying matches.

Good luck to all during your preparations!!!

David Lanesman
ICSD Vice President

By David Lanesman