Protecting Personal Identity Information

At ICSD, safeguarding our members' data is our top priority. We prioritize privacy and security concerns. The ICSD office would like to share some important key points with our members.

We never request sensitive details like passports or audiograms through email.

For event attendance purposes, we may need ID verification to confirm the correct participant in our system. This information is used solely for internal checks and is always kept confidential.

Regarding audiograms, only authorized personnel have access to these sensitive documents. They are uploaded securely into our system using a secured online platform to prevent unauthorized access.

Please do not send sensitive information via email. Emails do not have the same level of security for transmitting those data.

If anyone asks for sensitive information via email, please verify with the ICSD office before sharing. We have strict data protection guidelines.

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain the integrity of our data protection measures.