President's Message - July 2006

Dear readers-

At this time of writing this brief message, I am refreshing my colloquial Spanish and meeting with deaf people in various cities in Spain for 2 weeks.  Spain is such a beautiful country with lots of natural amenities to be appreciated.  Watching the 2006 Football World Cup on TV or at cafes here is much more enjoyable.  The Spaniards are passionate about football, much more than I can ever see or experience in the United States.

In the next few days I will be in Athens, Greece for a site visit of the city and its facilities for the 2013 Summer Deaflympics. I am very much looking forward to seeing positive and new changes in Greece´s communication and transportation infrastructure since my last visit a few years ago.  It was before the 2004 Olympic Games were held.

After Athens, I will travel to Lausanne, Switzerland for a meeting with President Rogge and some other IOC key officials to discuss future directions of Deaflympics and the organization.

In the next issue of E-News, there will be plenty of exciting news for me to share. 

Donalda K. Ammons

By Donalda Ammons