President's e-Message

I have returned after two weeks' travel in Europe.

First, I went to Sundsvall after two days in Copenhagen where I met with Per Krogh Petersen, the CISS Auditor. Then I visited Nordisk Flag- & Fanefabrik ApS to discuss the new CISS flags.

During the week at Sundsvall, I took part in the last two days of the seminar for Winter Sport Technical Directors. The seminar was organised and managed by Lennart Edwall with wonderful cooperation of Donalda Ammons. All Winter Sports Technical Directors were in attendance as well as our new Sport Director, Colin Macdonald.

A report on the seminar is printed elsewhere in the e-News.

The seminar was then followed by a 3-day Executive Committee meeting, which interspersed with some meetings with the Sundsvall 2003 Organising Committee. The highlights of the Meeting are provided in this issue, but I want to raise one issue of great importance for your attention.

  • The structure of the CISS Executive Committee has undergone a change, and we have set up a Management Committee of three (President, Secretary-General and Treasurer) who will meet once a year and correspond regularly with each other by letters, faxes and e-mails on the matters relating to administration and management issues.
  • The full Executive Committee will meet only once a year to discuss policy and program issues of the CISS and to ratify any major management matters brought by the Management Committee.

After Sundsvall, I traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland to meet with various leaders of Deaf Sports to discuss how they could revive their sporting activities for their members and to plot their strategic future. Also, I met with representatives of the Icelandic Olympic Committee and Disabled Sports organisations. Although the visit to Reykjavik was short, it was felt that I have helped to sow seed for strong growth in deaf sports in this country.

The final part of my travel was to meet with Dr. Jacques Rogge, the IOC President and Mr. Gilbert Felli, the IOC Sport Director of the International Olympic Committee. On Tuesday 5th March 2002, I traveled with John Lee (BSL Interpreter) to Lausanne to meet with Dr. Rogge, and Mr. Felli. We discussed three major issues as follows:

  1. Cooperative Agreement between IOC and CISS
    After a discussion, Dr. Rogge advised that he would write a formal letter by the IOC recognizing the CISS, and giving its patronage to the Deaflympic Games.

    I explained to Dr. Rogge and Mr. Felli that we need a strong statement from the IOC to the community at large, especially the National Paralympic Committees/Government Departments of Sport where the IOC demonstrates its strong support for the independence and autonomy of the CISS and its members.
  2. Annual Financial Support from the IOC
    Dr. Rogge said that for the year 2002, the level of support from the IOC and Olympic Solidarity Fund would be the same as the previous year ($80,000 + $25,000).

    The IOC is now completing its review of its financial support and will continue to support the CISS for the years 2003 to 2006 but shall advise the level of its support at a later date.

    Relationship between CISS and IPC
    I spoke of continuing problems experienced by a number of CISS members in term of their relationship within their countries with their National Paralympic Committees and/or Government who kept trying to merge or take over the deaf sport within their own organizations. Dr. Rogge was sympathetic and said that hopefully his letter will assist us in our efforts to develop cooperative relationships with these organizations. Also, I reported of my contact with the new IPC President, Philip Craven of GBR. I hope to meet with him later this year.
  3. Dr. Rogge's visit to Sundsvall
    Dr. Rogge re-affirmed his commitment to visit Sundsvall to open the 15th Winter Deaflympics next year.

John M. Lovett, A.M.
23rd March 2002

By John Lovett