Pinchas Counter-sued in CISS Case

Laurel, MD

Rafael I. Pinkhasov Pinchas was counter sued with defamation and invasion of privacy by Comité International des Sports des Sourds (CISS) leaders, Jerald Jordan, Donalda Ammons and John Lovett.

The court has instructed that the parties are to begin discovery with a deadline of September 10, 2002 for all discovery and depositions.  All motions for summary judgment must be filed on or before October 10, 2002.  After all this is done, the court will decide to either dismiss the case or proceed to trial, which would probably be scheduled for a much later date.

"We continue to believe that Mr. Pinchas' lawsuit is baseless and without merit.  Furthermore, the lawsuit is an abuse of the judicial process.  Many of Mr. Pinchas' complaints date back more than twenty years ago.  The Plaintiff is doing this to try and receive special treatment above and beyond other members of the CISS," commented defense attorney Kelby Brick.

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By Kelby Brick