New ICSD Legal Commission

The ICSD Legal Commission has been established by the Executive Board (EB) to assist the EB in the performance of their required operational duties of the ICSD.

In particular, the Legal Commission is instrumental in the provision of advice to the ICSD Executive Board and the Chief Executive Officer in regards to matters related to principle ethical questions and to assist, clarify and/or interpret the language written in the Constitution, By-laws and regulations.

As stated in the Bylaws of the ICSD, the roles and responsibilities of the Legal Commission include facilitating, monitoring and verifying eligibility of membership and will govern the election procedures of the Executive Board and oversees the election process at the ICSD Congress. The Legal Commission will also conduct a regular review of the ICSD Constitution, Bylaws and other ICSD related rules and regulations. The Legal Commission will also provide its observation on all motions set out forth by members as proposals prior to and at the Congress.

The Legal Commission as an established Commission of ICSD operates at the discretion of the Executive Board.

ICSD pleased to inform that we have ICSD Legal Commission composed of four members and one chair:
Chair:     Tiffany Williams (USA)
Member: Knud Sondergaard (DEN)
Member: Brett Casey (AUS)
Member: Maria de Bendeguz (VEN)
Member: Werner Kliewer (GER)