New ICSD Athletes Commission is established

Pursuant to the recommendation of the IOC 2000 Reform Commission that "athletes should be well represented at all levels of the sports movement: IOC, IFs, NOCs and NFs", the IOC encourages all Members to form their own Athletes' Commissions.

The elections of the ICSD Athlete Commission took place during 24th Summer Deaflympics in Caxias do Sul, Brazil in May 2022.

Athletes proposed by their respective National Deaf Sports Federations to be Candidates to the Athletes Commission:

In alphabetically order:

  1. Basih Alireza, Football, Iran (m)
  2. Ben-Zeev Maor, Basketball, Israel (m)
  3. Breitenberger Urs, Tennis, Germany (m)
  4. Cabezas Rosero Janer, Athletics, Colombia (m)
  5. Hjellegerde Andrea, Golf, Norway (w)
  6. Martinez Morga Jamie, Athletics, Spain (m)
  7. Neudolt Katrin, Badminton, Austria (w)
  8. Phantib Phongsathat, Karate, Thailand (m)

The most votes of elected members in downward order:

  1. Neudolt Katrin, Badminton, Austria (w)
  2. Cabezas Rosero Janer, Athletics, Colombia (m)
  3. Basih Alireza, Football, Iran (m)
  4. Ben-Zeev Maor, Basketball, Israel (m)

As per ICSD Constitution Article 10.4 and Bylaws Articles 25, 26, 27 the posts must be awarded to at least one woman and ALL regional federations (but CADS did not participate) and elections did meet these above requirements.

The ICSD Athletes' Commission will serve as a link between the athletes and the ICSD. In order to achieve this, the ICSD Athletes' Commission has the leading role with athletes and with the Deaflympic Movement.

The Mission of the ICSD Athletes' Commission is to ensure that the athletes' viewpoint remains at the heart of the Deaflympic Movement decisions.

a. Represent the views and opinions of the athletes and ensure their voice is heard within the ICSD;

b. Inform athletes about the ICSD activities (i.e. educational tools, rules and regulations); and

c. Work with and support the ICSD in its mission to develop and promote the sport. The Athletes Commission members and the Chairperson of the Athlete Commission shall be elected for a four (4) year term by the Deaf Athletes at the Summer and Winter Deaflympics.