Kumamoto Conference

Dr. Donalda Ammons was one of the invited speakers at the 4th World Conference on Women and Sport held in Kumamoto, Japan.  The International Working Group on Women and Sport is an independent co-ordinating body consisting of representative governments and key non-governmental organizations as well as regional representatives.  Its over-arching objective is to promote and facilitate the development of opportunities for girls and women in sport and physical activity throughout the world.

Dr. Ammons delivered a power-point presentation to over 300 participants in two separate sessions on 12 May. Click here for the lecture notes and power point presentation.


Kumamoto Conference Commits to Women and Sport
May 14, 2006, Kumamoto, Japan- Official Press Release from IWG

The 4th World Conference on Women and Sport held in Kumamoto, Japan under the auspices of the International Working Group on Women and Sport concluded on a high note with key individuals and organizations making a firm commitment to work together and take action over the next four years to further advance the global status of women's participation in sport.

With highest participation ever in the World Conference on Women and Sport, the conference registered 700 delegates from almost 100 countries and regions including a delegation of 25 dedicated women from the African country of Botswana. 

Much of the success of the conference was due to the active participation of Mayor Seishi Kohyama and the citizens of Kumamoto. The citizens of Kumamoto participated in the conference, held welcoming events in the streets and raised funds to bring 13 delegates from developing countries around the world to the conference.

Under the banner of the Kumamoto Commitment to Collaboration, a selection of representatives from international organizations, national organizations, the United Nations, youth groups and national delegations publicly committed to a range of activities to be undertaken over the next four years. The energetic Botswanan delegation in the final plenary committed to developing and implementing a strategy, to developing strategic partnerships and to promoting women and sport through annual events upon their return home.

The twelve workshops offered during the conference enabled participants to discuss in details such topics as - addressing HIV/Aids, ethical issues for women and sport, changing the culture of leadership in sport and sport as a tool for peace and development. Each workshop produced recommendations, which will be available on the IWG website. 

The Fifth World Conference will take place in Sydney, Australia in 2010. The Australian Organizing Committee demonstrated that they were already in full flight with an animated presentation reminiscent of the 2000 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, highlighting the city of Sydney.    

For further information, see the IWG website www.iwg-gti.org

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