International Women's Day - ICSD Women In Sport Commission

As a leader of the World Deaf Sports Movement, the ICSD is taking continuous responsibility, but we all need to be in this together and take step in the collective push towards gender equality in the Deaf Sports.

As we pay attention to International Women´s Day we must recognize not only how far we have come, but to look ahead at what still needs to be done to reach full gender equality in all aspects of Deaf Sports in the world.

We shall strive for promoting equality and inclusion, and for empowering girls, women, and athletes in all their diversity. But also take actions that lead women taking leadership role such as board member, sport director, coach, or manager at different level in the Deaf Sports.

I believe that there are many women over there who hold a strong leadership and have a huge potential to be part of decision-making positions.

So, to mark International Women´s Day on 8 March, we take the opportunity to honor women´s accomplishments but also promote gender equality by presenting one of many educational resources you can use to take equality action plans in your federation.

See useful recommendations from IOC Gender Equality Report ( and get inspired by the actions.

You also can empower yourself with knowledge and awareness related to the Equality in Deaf Sports.

Each Deaf Sport organization have same amount of responsibility to advance gender equality leading by good example and making the world a better space.

We are not done until there is a sustainability in the deaf sports. Without equal attitude, without gender equality in the Deaf Sports.