ICSD President: IOC Signs MoU with ICSD

President: I am very pleased that the MoU between ICSD and IOC has been signed today. ICSD has been waiting for this document to be executed for ninety (90) years.

Many countries that have been following Deaflympics did not see full support of the IOC. Now, with the MoU being signed, we are beginning to build our future on this solid foundation and the years ahead are shaping up to be significant ones for the Deaflympics.

During the negotiations, President Bach and I decided that certain specific rights and obligations, such as any support to ICSD events or any financial support shall be further detailed in separate agreements between our organizations.

Among other things we have discussed was funding for the World Youth Games, as well as possibility of the additional funding for African athletes as they are not able to compete in the Deaflympics due to the lack of financing. President Bach confirmed that those issues shall be further discussed and regulated in separate addenda to the present MoU.

This MoU strengthens relationships between the IOC and the ICSD and demonstrates that the ICSD is in good standing with the IOC. It is my great please and honor that ICSD is well respected by the IOC.

ICSD will be complying at all times with the Olympic Charter and support Olympic values. At the end President Bach warmly welcomed us to the Olympic family.

President has explained us about the MoU. Now, I would like to add a few words about this important document. The MoU is signed by both the IOC and ICSD Presidents. It is a Memorandum of Understanding that confirms that both the IOC and the ICSD share the same objective of promoting physical and sporting activities for the well-being of society. This is the first time ever in history for the ICSD. It reconfirms IOC"s official recognition of the ICSD. This is a first big step for the ICSD, with many more to come! Congratulations! Today is the 8th of March 2016.