ICSD Executive Board welcomes Mr. Guido Zanecchia

Guido gives his presentation
Guido Zanecchia

The ICSD Executive Board announces that Mr. Pier Paolo Samueli from Italy has resigned from his position as Executive Board Member-at-Large due to work commitments. The Board thanks him for his contributions towards the betterment of the ICSD.

The Board has requested the Italian member deaf sport federation, FSSI, to propose a new person for the vacant Executive Board Member-at-Large position. The FSSI has proposed Mr. Guido Zanecchia, the President of the federation, who has been appointed by the ICSD Executive Board as an interim member-at-large until the next ICSD Congress, in accordance with 8.12.10 of the ICSD Constitution.

The ICSD Executive Board welcomes Mr. Zanecchia and looks forward to collaborating with him in the future.