ICSD Celebrates International Women's Day

Let's stop for a moment to look at the challenges that deaf women face in sport.

They have had to overcome many obstacles, such as limited opportunities, lack of funding, in a sport world that to be heavily male-dominated. We are still experiencing the effects until today.

At the same time, deaf women athletes make an incredible contribution to the world of sport! Their determination, perseverance and talent is an inspiration to us all! The world is changed, with more and more women athletes and sports professionals and sports leaders.

The ICSD is also deeply committed to full equality of opportunity: we stand up for women's rights and we do not accept any behaviour that is against women – it is our fundamentum.

Let's celebrate the achievements of deaf sportwomens in sport and work together to create a more inclusive and equitable sporting environment for all. Let's ensure that all deaf women athletes have the support, safe spaces and resources they need to reach their full potential.

ICSD wishes Happy International Women's Day!