Mr. Bobby Skedsmo has been to many Summer Deaflympics, World Deaf Cycling Championships and European cycling championships since 1965.  He considered the 12th World Deaf Cycling Championships the best ever witnessed.  It provided a great diversity of terrains and technical challenges that many riders had never experienced during the championship week.  Every rider went home with a mind-boggling experience. 

The highlight of all events was the 40-kilometer Points Race at the Hellyer Park Velodrome at night.  The race was so intense, fast and clean.  The riders were in a tight pack racing for points for 120 laps to the finish.  Paul Wood of USA, who was the match sprint champion and had won three sprints, had to quit because time allowance for recovery did not give him break due to the race being very intense and fast from the beginning to the end.  The average speed was 28.14 mph.  Past speed average for the Deaflympics and championships was well below 24 mph.  The atmosphere and technical opportunity at the velodrome may be the cause of attributing to the best outcome of the riders.  They loved every bit of it at the velodrome!

In conclusion, during Bobby's tenure as the technical director, he had a goal of having the mountain bike, velodrome and to include women in the race.  There were not enough participating nations for women to qualify for the medals but at least one woman from Italy had made history for the ICSD.  She raced to the best of her ability against the men.  Mr. Skedsmo's endeavors and dreams came true.

Bobby W. Skedsmo
ICSD Technical Director - Cycling

By Bobby Skedsmo