Hello Sport friends,

I am sure that you all are aware that 2011 World Deaf Badminton Championships had been postponed from last May to this coming October due to Japan disaster. The Mayor of Bucheon City where the Championship is held ordered for it to be postponed. I was so sorry for any inconvenience caused and it was beyond our control but naturally it is better to have the tournament at a later date than to cancel the whole thing.

Korea Deaf Sports Federation (KDSF) has worked very hard to co-operate with Bucheon City Council to ensure that everything is well prepared and I am pleased to say that the ball is rolling very well.

KDSF will send out the new final form to each affiliated country very soon with updated details including the hotels. They have created a new official website address which is and it will be updating regularly.

I would like to inform you all that the shuttlecock will be Yonex and not Victor due to a better deal offered by Yonex. More specific type of shuttlecock will be found in the website.

We will have an excellent "livescore" system throughout the tournament by ICT consists three persons from Holland who did the same thing during our 2007 World Deaf Badminton Championships in Germany and it was very successful.

I am confident that we will have more countries to take part in this wonderful tournament and if you have any question relating to this, please email me on and I will respond you as soon as I can.

Yours in Sports

ICSD Technical Director – Badminton

By Martin Bogard