A few more months remain before the year 2010 comes to an end. I regret that there is not much for me to report at this time.

It seems that many athletes have taken a rest after the 2009 Summer Deaflympics; therefore there is not much to report for this year.

At the Technical meetings in 2008 (Izmir) and 2009 (Taipei) the leaders agreed to have the Athletics World Championships held in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Athletics.

While it is decided that the 2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships will be held in Toronto, Canada, July 2012, both Cross Country and Indoor World Championships will regretfully not be held within the current four-year period (2010-2013).

No bids have been received for Cross Country to be held 2010 while I now hope that one or more countries will submit bids for 2014 World Deaf Cross Country Championships.

I am happy to report that Belarus has shown interest in having 2011 World Deaf Indoor Athletics Championships but for several reasons this is not possible. However, I hope that Belarus and other countries will submit bids for 2015 World Deaf Indoor Athletics Championships which will be the next opportunity for the Indoor World Championships.

Please be aware that bids must be submitted well in advance. The ICSD Secretariat publishes an overview of the timelines for all sports which must be followed.

I regret that only one country submitted its best results for 2010. In order to set up a list, I need more results from a large number of countries.

I am therefore - again - appealing to all countries to send in the best 5 results for all events on the Summer Deaflympics programme.

Send our results to before 1 January 2011.

Unlike 2009, only a few new World Records have occurred this year. A list of approved World Records will be published in the next issue of E-News.

A list of the ratified World Records for 2010 will be published in the next issue of the E-News.

Barbara C. Søndergaard
ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard