Two New Deaf World Records Approved

The Secretariat of ICSD has officially approved two new Deaf World Records:

400m  55.76  Inna Izbach, Ukraine, on 15 July 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia

Pole Vault  3.01  Sara Bednarek, Germany, on 9 May 2004 in Rheurdt, Germany.

It has taken so long time to get these records approved because some countries still use the old CISS form and do not collect the necessary forms immediately after a new record is made. I ask all to in future use the new World Record Form that can be downloaded from the new Deaflympics homepage which is to be inserted shortly.

Furthermore, I also ask all to inform the Secretariat of ICSD immediately of the intention to submit an application for a new deaf world record.

Barbara C. Søndergaard
ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard