I am pleased to send you this article from the IAAF web site that I found of interest. This story and many more can be found daily on the IAAF web site - - along with the latest results and information from the World of Athletics.

I wanted to bring your attention to this News Title: IAAF Congress approves world records for selected events on the road and agrees to accept World Antidoping Code

21 August 2003 - Paris - IAAF Congress, in its final session today at the Carrousel du Louvre, approved a number of significant changes to IAAF Technical Rules.

This website- will show how our technical rules will be affected and how we list our world records too.

I will be attending the Deaflympics Technical Directors Seminar in Lausanne, Switzerland this May and will discuss and assess the changes and keep you informed!

I also want to add that only Spain had sent in their best results for the year 2003 so it is not possible for me to set up this previous year's best results.

Kind Regards,

Barbara C. Søndergaard
ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard