Asia-Pacific Basketball Teams Selection for the Tokyo 2025

After careful review of all relevant documents and information, the ICSD Executive Team has decided:

"In addition to the Asia Pacific Games basketball tournament to be organized by the APDSC in Tehran, Iran from 15 to 30 November 2024, the DIBF Asia Pacific Basketball Championships, organized by the DIBF Asia Pacific in Melbourne, Australia from 21 to 29 September 2024, will also be a qualifying competition for selection."

The ICSD Executive Team will instruct the ICSD Basketball Director to prepare a comprehensive proposal after the conclusion of both competitions, outlining which countries' basketball teams will qualify to participate in the 25th Summer Deaflympics in Tokyo. This proposal will require approval by the ICSD Executive Board.

In the name of the ICSD Executive Team:

Dr. Adam Kosa, ICSD President
Yutaka Osugi, ICSD Vice President