16th Winter Deaflympics Report

The 2007 Winter Deaflympics Organizing Committee is eagerly looking forward to welcoming the world to Salt Lake City, USA in less than eight months.  Chairman Dwight Benedict reports that the committee still has a lot of work ahead, but the 16th Winter Deaflympics definitely will be a memorable event to everyone, athlete or non-athlete, and deaf or hearing. 

Now that the headquarters hotel, Little America Hotel, is about 85% booked, special arrangements have been made for spectators to also stay at another hotel; the Red Lion Inn.  The Red Lion Inn is less a block from Little America Hotel.  The Red Lion Inn room rates and reservations information shall be available on the Winter Deaflympics website by the end of June 2006.  The web-site address is www.2007Deaflympics.com

The competition venues and schedules have been finalized.  The snowboard Boardercross competition had to be cancelled because of some recent Boardercross accidents, which led to lawsuits.  Park City Mountain Resort became concerned about injuries and liability should there be Boardercross accidents during the Winter Deaflympics, and decided not to have any more Boardercross events at their resort.  The Organizing Committee has replaced the Boardercross with a snowboard Slopestyle competition event.

Ticket sales through the Internet were delayed again, due to staffing changes at Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau (SLCVB).  This change does not affect hotel reservations.  Advance ticket sales should be available through the Winter Deaflympics website by 10 July 2006.  The Organizing Committee apologizes for this delay.  If you would like to receive regular updates on the Winter Deaflympics, send your e-mail address to News@2007Deaflympics.com.

Due to a reduced budget, the Arts Festival has been removed from the program.  The competition events will not be affected by this budget reduction.  Spectators will be responsible for their own transportation to the snowboard, alpine ski, and cross country ski venues, but the Organizing Committee will provide spectators with information on how to travel to these competition venues. This does not have any impact on transportation for athletes and national team representatives.

The SLC 2007 Organizing Committee look forward to seeing you all at the Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City USA.

By Albert Dwight Benedict