38th CISS Congress Minutes - Sundsvall 2003


27-28 February 2003

In light of President Lovett's hospitalization, Dr. Donalda Ammons, Secretary General, assumed the role of Acting President for the CISS Congress and throughout the Deaflympic Games.

The meeting was called to order at 13:20.

Roll Call: 38 Countries with full voting privileges

Acting President Ammons provided an update on membership status of Norway and Italy, as observers. It was then clarified that CISS EC did not terminate Renzo Corti's position as Vice President. It was FISS's decision to terminate him.

Appointment of Scrutinizers: Knud Sondergaard and Reed Gershwind and Emmanuel Rossel.

Welcome Remarks from the Sundsvall Organizing Committee: Lars Holmlund extended warm welcome to everyone to Sundsvall and wished us good luck. Urban Mesch announced that he had visited John Lovett at the hospital and then delivered flowers for the Congress in honor of President Lovett and wished Donalda well in running the Congress. John looked better and sent his best wishes.

Recognition of Guests:

Two honorary life members: Jerald Jordan and Knud Sondergaard.

WFD Representative: Lars-Ake Wikstrom

IMAFD Representative: Eduardo Dominquez

CISS TDs: Emmanuel Rossel, Kjell Gunna, Barbi Sondergaard, David Stewart, Reed Gershwind, Marek Mackiewicz, Bobby Skedsmo,

PANAMDES Representative: Larry Fleischer

CADS (Africa) Representatives: Peter Kalae and John Yusuf

One-minute silence: (in memory)

            Mr. Sean Kelly (IRL)

            Mr. Emmanuel Sloutsky (ISL)

            Mr. Eugene Fraiture (BEL)

Confirmation of 37th Congress Minutes: approved unanimously.

Admission of National Associations:

CISS Legal Commission is currently reviewing applications and will submit at the next Congress for ratification.

Name change: Russia Committee on Deaf Sports (RCDS)- the old name was Russian Deaf Sport Union (RDSU).

No suspensions or withdrawals- except for Norway and Italy being granted observer status.

CISS REPORT 2001-2002 was distributed to members

BREAK for 15 minutes.

Finance Report: unanimously approved.

Proposal #1: Re-name CISS to International Deaflympic Committee (IDC)

Ukraine: Would like countries to also think about changing their own national federations- for example: Ukraine Deaflympic Committee.

Sweden: Would like the organization structure to stay the same as it is now, with a new name change to IDC and the national federation name changes as well.

Canada: Agree that we all need better and new identity. IDC will show better and clear identity. Need to be sure that the new name would appear in the incorporation papers.

Great Britain: Feels that the new name- Deaflympics will help generate better awareness.

Croatia: Supports and feels that it will help improve Deaf Sports around the world.

Austria: New name- IDC- would then restrict only to Deaflympics- not other events like World Championships.

Denmark: Supports the name change to IDC but is not too sure about name change for national federations.

Holland: Supports IDC and does not want CISS to disappear as an organization.

VOTE: YES: 72      NO: 0      ABSTAINED: 6                                PASSED

Proposal #2: Establish and recognize international deaf sports federations such as FIBD for basketball.

Sweden: Feels that creating deaf international federation (IF) is good for CISS.

Israel: Let the experts do the work in the federation.

France: Are national federations required to affiliate with IF? Feels that they should only be responsible for technical aspect of the sport.

USA: Question is if approve then will that change CISS, will that change national federation, athletes bypass national federations? Ammons replied that full members (category A) should have more power than B members for IF.

Ukraine: Feel that statues need to be clear that IF are responsible for technical aspects of World championships but that CISS has utmost authorization for the Games itself and that athletes must be a member of the national federation first.

Great Britain: Deaf Rugby has different audiogram rules.. 25db. what does CISS do about it?  Does CISS allow it? Ammons said no- and that the IDRO (Rugby IF) is not even a member of CISS under Category B.

Germany: Thanks France for bringing up that subject. Feel that we must focus first on IDC, once that's successful then can focus on IF.

Italy: Shares his frustrations about some national federations not helping athletes in non- Olympic sports.

USA: Suggest that before athletes become members of IMAFD they must first be members of their national deaf sports federation.

VOTE:  YES: 67      NO: 2      ABSTAINED: 7                               PASSED

Meeting Adjourned at 5:45 pm.


The second day of 38th CISS Congress resumed at 9:15 by Acting President Ammons

ROLL CALL: 43 countries

Update on Lovett, doing very well in the hospital thanks to Sundsvall hospital with excellent care and to the excellent proceedings of Congress

Announcement from CISS Sport Director Colin Macdonald: There would be a football and basketball drawing at Sodra Berget tonight at 21:00.

Following a special request by the Uzbekistan delegates, Ammons welcomed Mr. Mukim Karimov to the floor. Mr. Karimov clarified the situations relating to Mr. Rafael Pinchas' role within his Organization. When Mr. Pinchas sent out emails with Uzbekistan's AOL e-mail address on it, claiming that the President of Uzbekistan Deaf Sports Federation wrote it, Mr. Karimov wanted to make it clear that he never wrote it or authorized such letters.

He apologized for the confusions as he wants Uzbekistan to look good and that the CISS should focus on Deaf Sports, not on legal issues between Mr. Pinchas and the CISS Officers.

Proposal #3: The Congress shall be held six months after the Deaflympic Summer Games, whereas the Congress shall be held few days after the Deaflymic Winter Games.

Knud: If that's the case then the summer congress would take place in January, then one year later the winter congress will take place. May be too soon?

Greece: Supports it as it allows more time to focus on issues aside from the Games and focus on delegates and issues within the organization.

Denmark: Financial reasons:  it may create problems as most of the Games likely offer financial packages for delegates.

Norway: Like the idea, for example, only 43 countries out of 85 are here during the winter, and during summer games, the results are different.

Sweden: Melbourne takes place in January so that may be a problem, which would mean the Congress would have to take place in July. Not sure how that would work nicely.

VOTE:  YES: 12       NO: 66      ABSTAINED: 8                            FAILED

Proposal #4: The position of Secretary General, to be appointed by the CISS EC, shall be a paid employee with no voting privileges and report to the CISS Executive Committee.

Austria: Salary? Would it be covered by funds from IOC and approved by CISS? Must know sign language? Do CISS members select?

Reply from CISS:  Yes for sign language and CISS EC would select.

Greece: CISS EC selects and then seeks approval from CISS nation countries?

Reply from CISS: No

Croatia: Wants to make sure that Secretary General is Deaf. However that person's assistant could be hearing for phone calls and contact hearing community.

Ukraine: Prefers Secretary General to stay on EC to keep high authority level. Germany: Surprised to see doubts about this proposal. This proposal is absolutely necessary in order to see CISS grow, so please support it. We do not need to ask national federation for approval. Let EC appoint.

Canada: Supports the idea: Agrees too much work for present Secretary General. Need to raise the bar for CISS. One thought, what happens to constitution? Note: Constitution does not require a certain number on the board.

VOTE:  YES:  86         NO:   0        ABSTAINED:   0                     PASSED

Proposal #5: In light of its popularity, Karate and Futsal should be added to the Deaflympic Summer Program, effective in 2009.

Israel: Futsal is a growing sport. Look under Deaflympic regulations # 8.8

Holland: Propose to only keep Fustal, not Karate.

Reply from CISS Legal Commission: Statues say must first have World Championship if that becomes successful then the technical commission must analyze the success before adding the sport. This has not taken place therefore it cannot fly.

Russia: Same as IMAFD, we've had competitions in Karate many times but not yet become an Olympic sport.

IMAFD: Karate and Judo are considered the same.

Reply from CISS: the proposal clearly states "karate" not Judo etc.. IOC recognizes only judo, not karate.

France: Prefer to combine Karate and Judo because if we keep it separated, it's possible Karate wont "fly" as it would be difficult to host world championship in Karate alone.

VOTE:  YES: 63           NO:   2        ABSTAINED: 21      REFER to Technical Commission

Proposal #6: Add "combined" event to the alpine skiing discipline at the Winter Deaflmpics.

Austria: Thanks Canada for proposal, as it is in full support of this.

Ukraine: Feels that we should not need to approve program, it is up to the TDs.

CISS Legal Commission: based on Deaflympics Regulations – it should be automatic

VOTE:  YES: 86           NO:   0        ABSTAINED: 0                      PASSED

Proposal #7: Baseball should be held as a demonstration sport in the 2005 Summer Deaflympics.

USA and JAPAN withdrew their joint proposal but requested that Australia think about this proposal.

Proposal #8: The CISS set up a five-member committee for a feasibility study on the idea of conducting a national anthem in its respective signed language via video on a large screen at the Deaflympics medal ceremonies beginning in the year of 2007.

No further discussion as it was discussed earlier during the Workshop.

VOTE:  YES: 86           NO:   0        ABSTAINED: 0                      PASSED

Proposal #9: Martial Arts should be added as an official sport on the Deaflympic Summer Games program, starting in 2005.

No discussion- Refer to CISS Technical Commission for further study.

VOTE:  YES: 86           NO:   0        ABSTAINED: 0                                 

Proposal #10: For the positions of CISS Technical Directors and Sport Director, there should be an official application process.

Austria withdrew its proposal after receiving clarification.

Proposal #11: Current language for 7E -... from at least five (5) countries and from at least three (3) regions. Proposed language for 7E -... at least five (5) countries and from at least two (2) regions.

No further discussion.

VOTE:  YES: 86           NO:   0        ABSTAINED: 0                                 PASSED

Proposal #12: Current language for 7E -... from at least five (5) countries and from at least three (3) regions. We propose to completely repeal this regulation.

Uzbekistan withdrew its proposal.

Proposal #13: If the previous proposal (#12) is approved, we then propose that we declare winter sports disciplines such as ice hockey, nordic skiing, and snowboarding, regardless number of nations and regions registered for the Games, as the official full medal sports of the XVth Deaflymic Winter Games in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Uzbekistan withdrew its proposal.

Proposal #14: Women's football shall be a part of the Deaflympic summer program, effective in 2005 in Melbourne.

No further discussion as it is automatically added per FIFA rules.

VOTE:  YES: 86           NO:   0        ABSTAINED: 0                                  PASSED

Proposal #15: Skeet and Trap shooting be a demonstration sport at the 2005 Deaflympic Summer Games in Melbourne.

Sweden withdrew its proposal

Proposal #16: Participants in Deaflympics may wear advertising by sponsors with items max. 400 cm2 in front and back totally on competition uniforms.

No further discussion as it was already discussed at the Workshop.

VOTE:    YES: 83        NO: 0      ABSTAINED: 3                                       PASSED

Proposal #17: There be an additional position - Assistant to Technical Director, only for team sports with at least 21 teams entered for both men and women categories.

No further discussion.

VOTE:      YES: 85        NO:    0      ABSTAINED: 1                                  PASSED

Proposal #18: The CISS disqualify bidder(s) from the member nations in the same regional confederation that host four (4) consecutive Deaflympics or World Deaf Championships in particular sport when the member nation(s) from a different regional confederation make an official bid for hosting the aforementioned event.

PANAMDES: Feels that this is important that we give a region that never hosts Deaflympic Games before.  This would create an opportunity to do so, of course with assurance that the quality is good.

Germany: supports but we must make sure that the quality of the bids is good.

Knud: raises a question: winter and summer Deaflympics would be considered separately or combined?

Reply from PANAMDES:  Would consider it separately- same as world championships.

VOTE:   YES: 41        NO: 23           ABSTAINED: 22                               FAILED

Proposal #19: Current language: Deaf World Championships under auspices of the CISS. Proposal language: Deaf World Championships under auspices of the International (Specific Sport) Federation of the Deaf.

Sweden: Don't want to imply CISS would not have power.

Reply from CISS:  "Auspices" has some relevance to power or patronage.

Israel: Don't mean ignore CISS. We only want to show that IFs will do the work and provide information to CISS.

CISS:  We may need to revise the wording of this proposal if we all agree to the idea of the proposal.

USA: Have reservations about this, who controls the world championships? If a sport has IF, it is OK, but if a sport does not have IF, it then would need to go thru CISS regulations. It is too early at this point.

Sweden: Supports Ammons' idea of being flexible and revising wording.

Poland: We already approve IDC, now we have IFs.  So what is this all about?

Ukraine: Support both. IDC controls Olympics and World championships. IF will focus on technical aspects of WC. Maybe use word patronage instead.

VOTE: YES: 85         NO: 0           ABSTAINED: 1           REFER to CISS Legal Commission for a better word to replace "Auspices". 

Proposal #20: Current language - ... from at least five (5) from three (3) regions. Proposed language - ... from at least five (5) countries from two (2) regions.

No further discussion

VOTE: YES: 84          NO: 1     ABSTAINED: 1                              PASSED

Proposal #21: Current language - ... from at least five (5) from three (3) regions. Proposed language - ... from at least five (5) countries from two (2) regions.

Uzbekistan withdrew its proposal.

Proposal #22: We propose that teams from USA, Greece, and Lithuania as the offficial gold, silver, and bronze medal winners of the 1st World Championship in Women's Basketball held in Athens, Greece, July 19-27, 2002.

Uzbekistan withdrew its proposal.

Proposal #23: Add a point that will allow national sports association to propose a qualified referee for service at World Championships. The national sports association must bear all expenses for this official. The Organizing Committee must be notified of the name of the referee at least 6 months prior to World Championships.

No further discussion.

VOTE:  YES: 83        NO: 0      ABSTAINED:  3                            PASSED

Proposal #24: The CISS develop an internal network for translation service from English to major languages by identifying a pool of qualified/certfied translators and handling monetary fees that the member nations pay, on a shared basis, for the translation service into their language.

USA: Suggests that we use shared resources from voluntary services wherever possible.

Cuba: It always takes a lot of time to translate English to Spanish and it is very expensive.

VOTE: YES: 10            NO: 61     ABSTAINED: 15                        FAILED

LUNCH BREAK at 12:15

Resumed at 13:30.

Proposal #25: All Technical Directors have the right to speak, without voting privileges, at the Congress.

No further discussion.

VOTE:   YES: 84        NO: 0        ABSTAINED:  0                         PASSED

Proposal #26: CISS shall adopt a system of world rankings for each sport coordinated by CISS Technical Director of each sport.

Austria: This coming June we will have Dresse and Maere Tennis Cup, when all countries send information of their tennis players. Officials would have to review to determine seeding.  There is a need for rankings prior to the Cup competition.

Reply from CISS: Need to emphasize that this proposal would apply only to individual sports.

Barbi Sondergaard, Athletics TD: I have had people asked for world ranking of best athletes and I have done that and it is very difficult to do. There are different methods used in timing-electronic or manual. I feel it's really impossible. CISS would need to have one special committee to do it, as it cannot rely on TD to do this kind of job.

Australia: The on-going problem is that our government is interested in ranking orders before providing monetary support. They judge youth athletes' potentials by comparing their skills to the world rankings.

Winfried Wiencek- former Table Tennis TD: it may be possible for table tennis and tennis but will be more difficult for swimming and athletics.

VOTE:   YES: 82                    NO: 2              ABSTAINED:  0        REFER to CISS Legal Commission for further study.

Discussion on QUALIFYING ROUNDS: Tonight is the deadline for countries to back out without fines for team sports for the 2005 Melbourne Deaflympic Games.

USD$2,500 fine is applicable only for sports that are required to compete in qualifying rounds. Therefore this applies only to men's football and men's basketball.

Tonight at 21:00 at Hotel Sodra Berget is the drawing for qualifying rounds. Once your team enters in the draw, that is final.

If you withdraw from any other team sports, you are not fined and you would have until 31 December 2003. This is one (1) year before the actual Games to withdraw other team sports. After 1 Jan 2004, you are fined USD$5,000 for any withdrawals.


ORIENTEERING IN BULGARIA, September 2003– Approved

GOLF IN SWEDEN, July 2004 – Approved

MARTIAL ARTS IN RUSSIA, August 2004 – Approved with CHANGE in DATE TO JUNE

WRESTLING IN BULGARIA, 5-12 October, 2004 – Approved

GOLF IN CANADA, 2006 - Approved

CYCLING IN USA, August 2006 -  Approved

WRESTLING IN ARMENIA, 2-12 October 2008 - Approved

Spain is interested in Cross Country in the year of 2005

Ukraine shows interest in Orienteering 2006 and Swimming/Water polo in 2007.

Canada expresses interest in Ice Hockey 2006 and Bowling 2007.

Bulgaria and Russia are interested in Indoor Football 2007.

CISS gives each interested country until May 2003 to provide us with necessary documents to support your application.

VOTE: YES: 78                      NO: 0              ABSTAINED: 6                     PASSED


Welcoming comments from Lars Holmlund. He went on to explain the structure and economy of the Games. There was a round of applause from the delegates for him and his committee for extending a very warm welcome to Sundsvall.

Mr. David Peters provided a ten-minute power-point progress presentation and also introduced their newly appointed CEO, Ms. Patricia Tracey. Mr. Peters announced that they were recently awarded AUS 8 million dollars, which is a good amount to get started, and feel positive with reaching their goal of AUS 10 million. Due to funding agreement between 2005 GOC and Victoria government, most of the sporting venues will be located in Melbourne except for Marathon, Cycling, Orienteering and some football games, which will take place in the town of Ballarat. Ballarat, 90km away from Melbourne, is in a beautiful and good place for our athletes. Hotel and meal cost information will be shared with nation members shortly so they can begin making budget plans for their teams.
Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins, President and Mr. Jack Lamberton, Vice President,  of USA Deaf Sports Federation provided a ten-minute power point presentation of Park City. More detailed information will be provided to nation members from time to time through e-mail, postal mailing and at the 2005 Summer Games in Melbourne.

Gallaudet University President King Jordan made a little welcoming speech announcing its being one of the sponsorship of the Games.

In addition, they showed a 10-minute film introducing CSD and Benjamin Soukup, CEO, as the primary sponsor of the Games.


Athens, Greece made their 20- minute presentation and provided a handout with 14 different disposables.

Taipei, Taiwan made their 20 minutes presentation.

Then Ammons asked each delegate to cast a secret ballot and put it in the designated boxes to be collected by scrutinizers.

Ammons wished to thank Reed Gershwind, Emmanuel Rossel, Kjell Gunna and Knud Sondergaard for helping with collecting votes.

A total of 84 persons voted.   The final tally :  52 for TAIWAN 32 GREECE
TAIWAN was then declared as the winner for the 2009 Summer Deaflympics.


Canada: Bradford Bentley- it is my first time here at Congress and am very impressed with how Donalda ran the meeting taking Lovett's place and she was wonderful! Would like very much to have curling as a demonstration sport at the 2007 Winter Deaflympic Games in Park City. He offers his help.

Donalda: Wanted to remind each federation to pick up the CISS flag and hang it up in their federation's office. Please take good care of the flag.

Austria: Providing information on Dresse & Maere Tennis Cup. There would be 8 women teams and 14 men teams

Holland: Audiogram, the statues said it must be on green form but now can we print it from Internet? Answer is yes.  Second question- the word Deaflympics, or Deaflympic Games- which is correct? Reply: Both are fine.

Croatia: Would like CISS to identify well-known athletes for publicity purposes. Would like to see more of us at the Games and not only at Congress.

Ammons announced that President Lovett has just gotten out of the hospital and is now resting at the hotel.  Let him rest before you pay him a visit at the hotel.

Ammons then formally adjourned the 38th CISS Congress at 18:00.