36th CISS Congress Minutes - Davos 1999


7-8 March 1999 at the Sanada Room, Davos Congress Centre

1. Opening & Welcome
The Congress was called to order by CISS President John M. Lovett at 9:20 a.m., and extended warm welcome to all delegates and distinguished visitors. He then called on Mr. Zaugg to officially open the 36th Congress.

Mr. Walter Zaugg, the President of Swiss Deaf Sports Federation, extended warm welcome to everyone and was happy to have the Winter World Games for the 3rd time in the CISS history. He was also proud to have CISS celebrate its 75th anniversary in Switzerland and mentioned that it was 50 years ago when Switzerland first hosted the Winter Games in 1949 in Crans Montana. At this point, the 36th Congress was officially opened.

One minute's silence was conducted in fond memories of the CISS stalwarts who passed away in the previous two years;

Antoine Dresse (BEL)
Gaute Stangeland (NOR)

2. Roll Call
It was announced that while there were delegates from 49 countries, only 46 countries are financial members, and their delegates are eligible to vote - a total of 92 votes

3. Appointment of Tellers
President Lovett appointed Mr. Jerald Jordan (USA), Mr. Argyris Fotiou (GRE), and Mr. Fernando Martin (ITA) as tellers.

4. Confirmation of last Congress minutes
President Lovett called for formal approval of the minutes of the 35th Congress, which was held in Copenhagen, on 12/13 July 1997.
Approved unanimously

5. CISS Treasurer
President Lovett advised that at the last Congress, this position was declared vacant due to lack of nominations. The Executive was directed to search and invite an appropriately qualified person to this position. Mr. Ole Artmann, a State authorised accountant of Copenhagen has accepted the invitation and worked in this role since 1st January 1998. Now the Executive seeks ratification of its appointment of Mr. Artmann.
Approved unanimously

6. Admission of New Members
President Lovett reported that an application for membership of CISS has been received from Deaf Sports, Philippines. Its documents were in order and the Executive recommended that its application be endorsed.
Approved unanimously

7. Questions regarding Memberships
President Lovett advised that there were questions regarding several National Associations of Sports for the Deaf, and the Executive is taking steps to arrange meetings with these Associations's officers.
President Lovett asked delegates from those countries in question to meet with him during the Games to gather additional facts.

8. CISS Report 1997 to 1999
A booklet-type report was distributed to all delegates, and President Lovett highlighted several important achievements recorded in the past two years.
Approved unanimously

9. Reports from Regional Confederation

9a. Africa- as there were no representative from the new African Confederation, President Lovett presented a brief report of the seminar held in Lusaka, Zambia, in October 1997.

9b. Americas- Oscar Balmaseda, Secretary of Panamdes, gave a brief report on the progress and the 1999 Pan Am Games in Havana, Cuba in nine (9) different sports.

9c. Asia Pacific- Kuo Tang Chou, President, informed that the 6th Asia/Pacific Games would be held in Taipei in November 2000, in eight (8) different sports.

9d. Europe- Lennart Edwall, President, reported that EDSO had a very busy year with several championships and looked forward to another successful year.

10. Finance Reports 1997 & 1998
Treasurer Artmann presented Financial Statements for 1997 and 1998. There were several questions, which were answered.
Approved without any objections.

11. CISS Constitution
President Lovett tabled a recommendation from the Executive Committee with amendments approved at the Workshop held yesterday (6th March 1999) as follows; "that the new Constitution of the CISS be formally adopted with changes to the final draft of Constitution dated 11th January 1999 with amendments as listed below;

(a) Front Cover date should be 1999 (not 1998).

(b) Page 2 (Definitions) insert "in" between "to" and "these."

(c) Page 5 ( insert "its" between "in" and "country."

(d) Page 5 ( insert "that" between "in" and "country" and delete "a."

(e) Page 8 (10.2.2) replace "and" with "or" (to read "commencement of the summer or winter program of").

(f) Change from the wording World Games for the Deaf to Deaf World Games throughout the Constitution.

(g) Page 5 ( add a new clause that President of the National Association must be deaf.

(h) Page 5- (5.2.1) insert non-Deaf World Games between "one" and "sport," so that only International Deaf Federation responsible for sports not on the program of the Deaf World Games may apply for associate membership of the CISS.

(i) Page 6- ( change from Regional to World.

(j) Page 12-Article 12.2- Add the majority of members shall be deaf. After a short discussion, the motion was put to vote. Motion was approved unanimously.

12. Motions deferred from 35th Congress, 1997
President Lovett advised that there were a number of motions placed at the 35th Congress in 1997, which were not resolved due to other priority and time factors. These motions are now placed on this agenda for further discussion and resolutions.

(i) Regional Championships as qualification to the World Games
The proposal made by the Executive Committee & Germany was to allow the Regional Confederations to conduct their regional championships in team sports, which also shall serve as deciders of the teams to be entered into the final rounds of the following Deaf World Games. There were some heated discussions as the motion, if passed, would become effective immediately and would impact on the teams who have not entered or lost in qualifying rounds for the current regional championships.
Approved by a majority (30 Yes and 25 No)

(ii) Duration of the World Games must be limited to 10 days
Greece proposed that the Deaf Summer World Games should not be more than 10 days in duration from the opening and to the conclusion. After a prolonged discussion, the motion was put to a vote.
Approved by a majority (54 Yes, 38 No and 9 abstentions)

(iii) The title of World Games be changed to World Games of the Deaf
A motion proposed by Greece that the World Games for the Deaf be altered to read The World Games of the Deaf. After discussion, it was agreed to amend it to read as Deaf World Games, and put to vote.
Approved by a majority (79 Yes, 8 No and 4 abstentions)

(iv) CISS will announce final and detailed programs for the Games at least one year before the opening of the World Games and send them to affiliated countries
Norway agreed to amend the proposal to read that the announcement will be made at least nine (9) months prior to the Games.
Approved by a majority (82 Yes, 8 No and 2 abstentions)

(v) National Associations applying to host Summer or Winter
World Games must submit their application to CISS Secretariat at least four months before the Congress held approximately eight years before the Games are awarded It was proposed by New Zealand that the decision on hosting of the Deaf World Games be made eight years ahead. After some discussion the motion was voted upon.
Motion Failed (2 Yes, 72 No and 11 abstained)

(vi) Establishment of WGD Village wherever possible
Sweden proposed that in future Deaf Games, the organising committee make every efforts to establish a village where Deaf athletes could be accommodated together and cheaply.
Approved by a majority (65 Yes, 6 No and 15 abstentions)

(vii) Television Rights
(proposed by Sweden)-not a proposal, just information sharing, therefore voting did not take place.

(viii) Reduce from 16 to 12 teams in team sport events of the Summer World Games
Sweden tabled a motion to reduce the final number of teams at future Summer Games from 16 to 12. A short discussion was held on this issue. Motion failed (18 Yes, 53 No and 15 abstentions)

(ix) Organisation of World Championships;
Germany and Sweden had made three proposals for the World Championships as follows;

a) Must have entries from at least 3 regions and at least 3 countries per regions. It was then agreed following a discussion in the Workshop the previous day to change the proposal from 3 regions to 2 regions and from 3 countries to 4 countries. The motion that entries of four more countries from at least two regions would render the event eligible for status as the World Championship.
Motion passed (82 Yes, 0 No, and 2 abstained)

b) CISS is to issue invitations, programs and technical regulations, etc. Entries are to be submitted to the CISS while the organising country will be responsible only for local organisation and financing of World Championships.
Motion passed (84 Yes, 2 No and 2 abstained)

c) World Championships must not conflict with regional championships or vice versa.
Motion passed (84 Yes, 0 No, and 2 abstained)

13. New Proposals from Executive Committee
The Executive Committee tabled a series of proposals as follows;

A) New membership subscriptions
Annual Membership Fees (Change to) $US
New members (up to 10 years) 50 (no change)
(only for new nations)
1-250 members 150
251-500 members 200
501 - 1000 members 300
1001 - 2500 members 600
2501 - 5000 members 800
5000+ members 1000
Proposal passed (83 yes, 5 No, and 10 abstained)

B) Associate Membership Fees (New) 200 $US
(open only to Deaf International Sport Federations)
Proposal passed (57 Yes, 0 No, and 7 abstained)

C) Authorisation Fees for international competitions (no change)
International competitions (inter-regions)
Per participating nation 100 $US
World Championships
(including Dresse & Maere Cups) 250 $US

D) Participation fee per athlete/official 50 $US
Although this fee was adopted at the last Congress, a letter moving for recession of the motion to increase the fee and to retain the old fee of $15 was signed by majority of delegates and handed to the President. This matter was deferred to later in the meeting.

E) Penalty for Unacceptable Conduct (New)
Red Card (per incident) 50 $US
Yellow Card (per incident) 30 $US
After a debate, the proposal was referred back to the Executive Committee for further review to determine to which sports it would apply.

F) Withdrawal Penalty Fees $US

Pre-qualifying for non-regional
confederation members 1500 (no change)
Post-qualifying for all CISS members 5000 (proposed)
Proposal failed (12 Yes, 58 No, and 22 abstained)

14. Proposals from CISS Members
a) Cyprus -that skeet & trap shooting be recognised as international sport- President Lovett said that Cyprus should organise an international competition and CISS will be happy to grant its sanction.

b) New Zealand - proposal for proxy or postal voting. The proposal did not receive enough support at the Constitution Workshop. So the proposal did not proceed.

c) Australia - some query regarding the new Constitution - will make recommended changes in semantics.

d) Australia - World Games for the Deaf Regulations. Bremner of Australia offered to provide information based on the Melbourne 2005 Committee's experience.

e) Australia - asked for annual listing of Deaf athletes' world ranking. The Executive Committee will endeavour to organise annual lists.

f) Switzerland - eligibility of alien residents to compete for their country of residence. This proposal has been discussed at the Constitution Workshop and it was agreed by a majority to retain the passport procedures to determine residential qualifications of competitors.

g) Austria- Identification card to be standardised at all Deaf World Games - Referred to Executive Committee for review.

15. World Championships 2000 (Football & Cycling)
Spain withdrew its proposal to host the world cycling championship due to schedule conflict since there would be an EDSO Cycling Championships in Czech Republic in the same year. However, its football World Championship will be held, but limited to a specific number of countries, to be determined by CISS Technical Delegate in consultation with the Executive Committee.

16. World Championships 2000 (Others)
Also the world championships for non-Deaf World Games sports (golf and cricket) in the year of 2000 have been recognised by CISS.

17. World Championships 2002 to 2006
EC member Gast presented a report of proposed World Championships in different sports, to be reviewed carefully by the CISS EC and Technical Delegates. Beaurain (SAF) asked that CISS check with Zambia about the African Championships- whether or not it has been cancelled.

18. Report from 1997 Summer World Games -Copenhagen (DEN)
Christine Buchwald (DEN) presented the final report of the Games. However, there were requests from delegates that complete results be published. President Lovett undertook to ensure that this would occur before the end of 1999. Frenkel (RUS) extended appreciation for assistance given to the Russian team following the accidental death of its team member.

19. Report from Davos 1999 Organising Committee
Zaugg (SUI) gave a brief report of the Organizing Committee's progress

20. Report from Rome 2001 Organising Committee
Manciagli (ITA) gave a detailed report

CIT travel agency official agency for hotel travels arrangements.
Site inspection by CISS members will be arranged at pre-selected dates by CIT.
Hilton Hotel is the official headquarters for CISS and congress.
Military or private companies to competition venues would provide transportation.
CISS EC and technical delegates for competition is only preliminary to finalize schedule.
Manciagli reminded everyone with this famous saying-"If you have not been to Rome, you have not seen the world!"
Lovett shared his sentiments about the facilities in Rome- positive with some recommendations for change.
Everything seems in order now. Austria recommends orienteering take place elsewhere not at the park.
Hotel accommodations and meals will be covered for all delegates for CISS congress only.
150 beds for athletes only will be given at no cost at CONI village.
Special arrangements will be given to developing countries with 350 to 500 beds either free or small cost.

21. Information on 15th Winter World Games for the Deaf 2003
Mr. Bengt Sevelius, President of Swedish Sport Confederation was invited by President Lovett to address the Congress. Mr Sevelius declared that the deaf sports in Sweden operates independently, separate from the disabled sport organisation. He invited the CISS to have the 2003 Deaf Winter Games in Sundsvall, Sweden. Although the exact date has yet to be determined, it is likely to be in early March. Sundsvall has all the necessary facilities for all sports including ice hockey. Downhill event will be held outside of Sundsvall and all other alpine events in Sundsvall. Mr. Sevelius summarized by informing that Sweden wants to host the Games! The common aim is to organize first-class and fair competitions, in good sporting and social togetherness and with a lot of fun experienced by and among athletes, leaders, and coaches. He concluded his speech by saying" Sport is such fun that it is astonishing that it is not yet banned!" President Lovett has the pleasure, following show of hands, in awarding the 15th Winter Deaf World Games to Sundsvall.

22. Selection of 20th Summer World Games for the Deaf 2005
President Lovett stepped down and allowed Vice President Corti to take over - allowing 25 minutes for presentation by each bidding city. Secretary-General Ammons then gave a ten-minute report of her site inspection.
The final result:
Kosice, Slovakia 33
Melbourne, Australia 59
Vice President Corti then declared Melbourne the host of the 20th Summer Deaf World Games, in January 2005.

23. Special Motion
A petition signed by large number of delegates requesting an emergency review of the $50 dollar World Games participation fee per person. Sandugey (UKR) proposed that this amount be reverted back to 15 dollars. Kliewer (GER) highly recommended that CISS work hard on sponsorship and other resources to increase revenue. Israel and Spain shared the same sentiments.
Switzerland then informed CISS that they would waive their 30% share of the participation fees. The proposal on change from $50 to $15 was passed unanimously.

24. Honorary Life Membership
President Lovett raised an issue from the last Congress where it was proposed that Knud Sondergaard be conferred the Honorary Life Membership. The Executive Committee has agreed to endorse the proposal. Accepted unanimously Knud gave a speech, expressing gratitude and pride for having served 24 years as Secretary General, on voluntary basis.

25. Miscellaneous
a) Ruben-Alcais Award
Grill (AUT) queried as to the reason that the Ruben-Alcais Award was not made at this Congress. Lovett apologised for an oversight and will arrange the call for nominations. Two Awards will be presented at the next Congress in Rome (one for 1997 to 1999, and one for 1999 to 2001).

b) Dresse/Maere Cup Events
Manciagli (ITA) reported that the Dresse/Maere Tennis Cup for 1999 will be held in Loano, Italy from 26 June to 3 July.
Hotel and meals will be in the same area as the tennis competition.
There would be a total of 4 courts for each gender within a kilometer from each other.
Additional information will be mailed shortly.

c) International Martial Arts Federation for the Deaf
Mr. Farone of the IMAFD thanked for the opportunity to speak and said that his Federation has been in existence for 20 years now- with about 15 countries. Now the Federation would like to become a new associate member of CISS. The Federation will have its world championships for the deaf from 23 to 30 October 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, co-sponsored by the Argentine Deaf Sports Confederation (CADES).

d) Display/Exhibition
Robinson (CAN) asked that in the future Congress, displays or demonstrations which "belittle" women should be discouraged.

e) Relationship with Paralympic Committees
De Roose (BEL) asked for assistance from CISS to prepare a position paper relating to deaf sports organizations as independent of the disabled sport organisations. Lovett replied, saying that he would meet with IPC President Robert Steadward in Sydney in April, 1999, and the position paper as prepared by Jerald Jordan - "World Deaf Games and Paralympic Games" is an excellent document. All national associations should translate this document into their native languages and circularise as widely as possible. Frenkel (RUS) explained that the ministry of sport and national Paralympic committee in Russia work together closely, excluding the deaf sports organisation and sought help from CISS. Lovett responded with willingness to do so with additional information provided to him.

f) Seconder for Motions
Lanesman (ISR) proposed that future proposals should have two countries supporting the proposal. Lovett concurred and would make it a rule to call for a seconder to the motion/proposal at the Congress.

g) Technical Delegate (Alpine Skiing)
Malaurie (FRA) wanted an explanation why the previous CISS technical delegate in alpine skiing was removed from his position. Lovett responded that the Executive Committee received written complaints from two countries and many verbal complaints. So, they asked two complainants to propose a replacement. After a careful consideration, Colin Macdonald (GBR) was selected. Kliewer (GER) strongly encouraged CISS to include snowboarding as an official discipline, as it is not a new sport- just a discipline within alpine skiing. Secondly, he suggested that team leaders at a technical meeting nominate future technical delegates in various sports. Then CISS checks with the national sports association for full support.

h) Women's Football
Sonnenstrahl (USA) wanted to know how many countries have an eleven female player team for outdoor football. Only two countries responded affirmatively.

i) Regional Sports
Mohamed Madoun (ALG) shared concerns about limited sport events for the deaf in Algeria against CISS members in the Africa region and wanted to organize a Mediterranean or invitational competition among CISS members.

j) Status within the Olympics
Staroyiannis (GRE) Greece sought answers from CISS whether CISS has an official recognition and bona-fide status as the regular Olympics by International Olympic Committee (IOC). President Lovett answered that Deaf World Games is an Olympic equivalent event.

k) CISS Executive Committee Meeting 1999
Germany invited the CISS EC to have its meeting in Regensburg, Germany in October 1999.

l) Payment of Participation fees
Ole Artmann asked nations to meet with him about participation fee payment the next morning at 9:00 here in the Congress Hall in Sanada room.

26. Closure
President John M. Lovett closed the 36th Congress at 17:35 and reminded everyone of the 75th anniversary party tonight at 19:00. He also thanked the Swiss Organizing Committee and volunteers and Secretary General Ammons, Legal Advisor, Rebecca Adam, CISS honorary member, Jerald Jordan and the interpreters, Janne Lundgren and Paul Heuston. In addition, he expressed deep gratitude to everyone for cooperation.