ICSD Executive Board Statement

22 July 2018, Lausanne, Switzerland

In these uncertain times, the Acting President of the ICSD, Mr. Kang Chen would like to take the opportunity to provide an update to members about the present challenges that the ICSD is currently facing. Taking the allegations against Mr. Valery Rukhledev seriously, the ICSD is in contact and working with the IOC Ethics Commission to address this matter appropriately and in the spirit of IOC ethics framework. Every necessary measure will be taken to protect the interest of the ICSD in order to keep focusing on being the only worldwide Deaf multi-sports organization and to further develop, protect and promote the interests of the deaf international sporting community.

The ICSD Executive Board (“ICSD”) is convening in Yerevan, Armenia in few days where the priority will be to discuss the current situation and the strategy to be followed to insure a sustainable future of the ICSD. Mr. Kang Chen and the members of the Executive Board have launched a series of initiatives that are intended to focus on the concerns raised by members.  

The ICSD is grateful to the IOC for the support we are receiving from IOC Ethics Commission. Following its board meeting in Yerevan, Armenia next week, Acting President Chen expects to have board endorsement of an IOC-assisted formal investigation into the current situation. We are committed to providing updates in this regard as they come to hand.

We also hereby inform ICSD members that ICSD will be meeting with the IOC on 12 September 2018 and that the goal of the meeting will be to address each and every concern raised by the IOC and to agree on the implementation of measures to be performed to the full satisfaction of the IOC. The objective will be to restore a relationship of trust and confidence by its members and the IOC in ICSD.

The ICSD wishes to acknowledge the sentiments expressed by members from all over the world and fully understands the importance of having a strong, stable and successful ICSD for deaf athletes worldwide. The Executive Board appreciates the hard road ahead to restore trust and confidence in the ICSD following the damage caused by regrettable circumstances in recent months. The continued dedication and involvement of ICSD members will be key to achieving this goal.  

Following its board meeting in Yerevan, the ICSD looks forward to communicating with members a way forward that not only demonstrates learnings from the impact of recent events but carves the way for a sustainable ICSD.   

ICSD looks forward to continue working with members in delivering its mission that puts our athletes at the heart of everything that we do.