ICSD Athletes Commission News

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), Athletes Commission of ICSD, and ICSD Executive Board would like to inform you that two elected members of the Athletes Commission have been replaced by two new members.

The decision to replace these members was made due to their lack of availability and response, despite multiple attempts to contact them, as well as their inadequate work performance, which fell short to meet the expectations set by the IOC and ICSD Board.

Additionally, there were concerns regarding their ability to effectively take on the responsibility of representing athletes from all around the world. The two new interim members, Andrea Hovstein Hjellegjerde (NOR) and Urs Breitenberger (GER), were proposed by Athletes Commission members Katrin Neudolt and Janer Cabezas. They were nominated during the Deaflympics 2022 and have been approved by the ICSD Executive Board.

The legal commission has reviewed and confirmed that the requirement for members to come from all regions does not apply until the next elections (Summer Deaflympics). The gender balance in the commission, as stated in article 10.7, has been fulfilled.

The Athletes Commission now consists of the following members: Chair of the Athletes Commission, Katrin Neudolt (AUT), Janer Cabezas (COL), Andrea Hovstein Hjellegjerde (NOR), and Urs Breitenberger (GER). We welcome the new Athletes Commission members and they will be committo building a strong foundation for future Athletes Commissions and is working hard to achieve this goal.