Sofia 2007 - World Deaf Futsal Championships 2007

Date: 08 Nov 2007 - 18 Nov 2007

Site: Sofia, Bulgaria

Great Britain country name is used in place of England.

Countries (22 participated):

Flag: Azerbaijan Azerbaijan12012
Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria12012
Flag: Denmark Denmark01010
Flag: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia10010
Flag: Germany Germany01212
Flag: Great Britain Great Britain121224
Flag: Ireland Ireland12012
Flag: Israel Israel121022
Flag: Italy Italy121022
Flag: Kuwait Kuwait808
Flag: Netherlands Netherlands10010
Flag: Norway Norway121022
Flag: Russian Federation Russian Federation111223
Flag: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia12012
Flag: Serbia Serbia808
Flag: Slovakia Slovakia12012
Flag: Sweden Sweden101020
Flag: Switzerland Switzerland101222
Flag: Thailand Thailand12012
Flag: Turkiye Turkiye121022
Flag: Ukraine Ukraine11011
Flag: United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates11011

Results (2 events):

Futsal - Men
Futsal - Women