Caxias is visited by the Organizing Committee of the 24th Deaflympics and the Regional Presidents of ICSD in Asia and Europe

Four persons on the football field with banners and gifts
Action, held at the Centenario Stadium, was attended by the Grena Directorate

On Saturday (11 Sep 2021), SER Caxias was visited by ICSD Interim President Gustavo Perazzolo, Deaflympics Organizing Committee CEO Richard Douglas Ewald, ICSD Europe Regional President Iosif Stavkrakis and ICSD Regional President Asia, Mohammad Pargar. In addition to Regional Presidents, Iosif and Mohammad are Deaflympic medalists for football.

The action was attended by the Grená Board, which showed the facilities of the Centenário Stadium and presented the Regional Presidents with official club shirts. "We really want the Deaflympics here in Centenário, we know the social and sporting importance of the event. Caxias has its doors open for whatever they need", comments the President of SER Caxias, Paulo Cesar dos Santos.

The 24th Deaflympics will be held in Caxias do Sul, from May 1st to 15th, 2022. The event will be a historic landmark for the city, which will receive delegations from 92 countries.

"The Surdolimpíadas is the biggest multi-sport event ever held in Rio Grande do Sul. It is a gift that we should grab with both hands, as the exposure and visibility are very high. The event will leave a social legacy of integration of the deaf community and also a sporting legacy. This is what motivates us to work on this investment", highlights Richard Douglas Ewald, of the Deaflympics Organizing Committee.