Protecting Personal Identity Information ICSD cares about keeping your data safe and shares some important points with members.
Posted: 01 May 2024

ICSD Office with desk and flag, overlooking scenic French mountains through a tall window.

Headquarters Location The ICSD is actively exploring opportunities to relocate its legal seat, headquarters, and operational hub from Lausanne, Switzerland.
Posted: 01 May 2024

Asia-Pacific Basketball Teams Selection for the Tokyo 2025 The ICSD Executive Team has decided that the basketball teams will be selected based on two championships in Asia/Pacific which will qualify for the Tokyo 2025.
Posted: 01 May 2024

Handshape of Tokyo 2025 logo

Communication from TOKYO 2025 Accommodation Team Essential instructions from TOKYO2025 Accommodation Team about lodging reservations for the Deaflympics in Tokyo.
Posted: 01 May 2024

100 Years with ICSD Logo overlay

100 Years of Deaflympics Celebrated with Exhibition in Paris Discover Deaflympics' centenary history at the ICSD-INJS exhibition in Paris.
Posted: 01 May 2024


U21 World Deaf Futsal Championships 2024 Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Date: 01 Jun 2024

World Deaf Volleyball Championships 2024 Location: Tomigusuku, Japan
Date: 21 Jun 2024

World Deaf Youth Athletics Championships 2024 Location: Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Date: 14 Jul 2024

U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships 2024 Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 17 Jul 2024

World Deaf Athletics Championships 2024 Location: Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Date: 18 Jul 2024